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About Us
Quality Meats, Irresistible Flavor 


East Meats West is a family owned and run business since its establishment in 1985. We focus on making products of utmost quality and flavor. We want our products to be a special part of all your events and traditions. To be enjoyed daily and served with pride.

East Meats West is the name you can trust as one of only the 100% Muslim owned and operated meat processing plant. All our products are made by us in our plant in Mississauga. Our personal care goes into ensuring our product are not only great tasting and of supreme quality but are Halal as well. Our promise to you is that you can taste the difference quality makes.

We make a wide range of pre-packaged products from burgers and sausages to meat pies and seasoned chicken. Quick, easy, delicious meals ready only in minutes. Perfect for everyday meals or special get-togethers. Or try our fresh cut deli sandwiches takeout or cater for an event.


A letter from the owner


Since High school I had always wanted to be a chef. I took baking, French cuisine and short order cooking during high school. Afterwards I did my apprenticeship in classical French cuisine working in 5 star restaurants such as Four Seasons Hotel and Church Street Café.

In February of 1985 I accepted Islam and left the industry due to the pork and alcohol and went into construction. I soon began to miss eating all the foods I used to enjoy such as sausages and other meats. It was impossible to find any quality halal meat products, so I began making my own sausages as a hobby. I soon realized there were many others looking for quality halal meat products. In 1990 I married my beautiful wife Nazneen who encouraged me to start my own business. In 1996 I graduated in the top of my class from Vancouver community college in sausage making and smoked meats.

I started making and selling sausages and burgers from my house, taking a spare room, and converting it into a small processing plant. By the year 2000, I was able to open my own plant and store front. Since then, the plant has grown to be a provincial plant making more than fifty types of products ranging from sausages to meat pies.

100% Halal
Personally verified, hand slaughtered

Halal Food

At East Meats West, Halal is our highest priority. Although we are not certified by any organization, we personally verify that our meat is hand slaughtered and is not mixed with any non-halal items. We ensure that it that not only is it slaughtered properly, but that the money used is Halal as well. We have used no interest loans to start or run our business. In our plant we have only ever made halal products and refuse to do anything else.